Club Communication Regarding COVID-19.

Churchville Soccer Club Return To Play Plan

Please remember that health and safety are our top priorities. As a club we are taking a cautious, structured approach to how this will work. With that being said, below are the guidelines - no exceptions.  Once we have confirmation from the county and town regarding field usage, a staggered schedules for patrons/players and/or teams will be put in place to utilize fields.

Also attached is the return to play waiver. All CSC participants will be required to sign this waiver before they are allowed to resume play.  We are asking every coach or manager to distribute and collect these waivers for all the players on their team.  This must be completed prior to returning to practice again, no waiver means no practicing.

  • It is each player’s parent responsibility to verify their son/daughter’s temperature prior to training. Any player with a temperature above 100.4 will be held out of training

  • If you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms of illness, STAY HOME 

  • Limit one team (maximum 25 people) to each half of a full-size soccer field for each training session.

  • No more than 2 spectators are allowed per child, and they must wear a face mask while in the park even if they are able to remain 6' apart from others.

  • Spectators attending games should follow the social distancing guidelines, a minimum of 6’ away from another spectator not in their family. 

  • Face masks are NOT required to be used by players during practices.

  • Hand sanitizer should be used by all, both before and after practices.

  • Each player will need to provide their own ball. Coaches will no longer be providing balls for use during training sessions

  • Pinnies should NOT be used. Request that each player bring an off-colored shirt if needed.

  • Water must NOT be shared.

  • No hand contact between coaches, players, and referees is allowed (This includes high-fives, fist bumps, handshakes, etc..)

  • Sanitize any equipment used after each practice.

  • Practices should be structured in a manner that best supports social distancing guidelines.

  • When training ends, the players should be directed to promptly gather their equipment and move to their transportation as soon as practical to provide for a clear area for the next group.

As stated above, we are taking a cautious, structured approach as we return to play. If we stay patient and follow the guidelines as time goes by we will hopefully be able to provide some additional flexibility.

Thank you for your patience and stay well,

Churchville Soccer Club